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Front & Rear Cameras, Smart Parking Mode, Polarised Lens, 64GB SD-Card, Case

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With the DRV-A601W dash cam and KCA-R200 rear view internal window camera, instantly view the front and rear high-quality footage you have captured on the dash cam's 3" full-colour LCD screen without any loss of resolution. Other features include HDR - High Dynamic Range reduces dark & light contrasts. 3-Axis G-Sensor that detects outside force, and GPS adds location data.

When installed, the hardwire kit supplied adds Smart Parking Mode. Then, when your vehicle is parked, the Smart Parking Mode becomes active, shutting down everything except the G-Sensor to save power. If your car is then subjected to a physical impact. Your dash cam stores the footage leading up to and after the incident. If the G-sensor detects other impacts during this recording, it will extend the recording time by 30 seconds until there are no more vibrations. The dash cam will then return to sleep mode (Smart Parking Mode).


    Add 3-Year Warranty Protection


    ADD TO CART - £289.94
    Key Features

    DRV-A601W Dash Cam Features

    • 3.0" Wide full-colour TFT LCD screen
    • 3-Axis G-sensor built-in
    • GPS receiver built-in
    • F1.8 Bright Lens with 130°(diagonal) wide viewing angle
    • Polarised filter lens
    • Micro SDHC/SDXC card slot (8 ~ 256GB), 64GB card included
    • Rear camera Input / 2 channel recording front & back with supplied KCA-R200 rear view camera
    • WiFi Built-in for wireless LAN & smartphone app link
    • PC/Mac software & Smartphone (iOS & Android app)
    • Magnetic quick-release mount

    KCA-R200 Rear View Camera Features

    • Quad HD Recording Resolution (2560 x 1440px @ 30fps)
    • 161° Diagonal field of view
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode
    • 180° Adjustable lens angle
    • 1/2.8 CMOS sensor
    • F2.0 Fixed focus lens

    CA-DR1030 Hardwired Kit Features

    • Actives Smart Parking Mode
    • Provides permanent power feed

    Image Sensor

    1/1.8 Colour CMOS Sensor

    Viewing Angle (Diagonal / Horizontal / Vertical)

    D: 130° / H: 129° / V: 72°

    Lens (F-number)

    F1.8 Bright Lens


    3.0" Full Colour TFT

    Polarised Filter


    Rear View Camera

    Yes, KCA-R200 Supplied

    Recording Resolution | Frame Rate

    4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160px 8.3M Pixels (Dashcam Only) / Full HD 2560 x 1440px (Front/Rear Cams) | 30fps


    Built-in On / Off (Default)

    3-Axis G-Sensor / GPS

    Yes / Yes GPS Adds location, date & time to your videos)

    Recording Mode

    Loop / Manual / Event / Still Image / Parking (When using CA-DR1030 hard wire kit supplied)

    Event Recording Time

    1 (Default) / 3 Minutes

    Parking Mode Recording Time

    30 Seconds

    Voice Recording (Mic & Speaker)

    Yes (ON / OFF)

    Recording Media | SD-Card Supplied

    microSDXC / SDHC Card 8 GB ~ 256 GB, UHS Speed Class (U3) | 64 GB

    File Format | Video / Audio / Picture Format

    MOV | H.264 / Linear PCM / JPEG

    Quick Release Magnetic Mount


    Backup Battery

    Built-in Super Capacitor

    Desktop Software Windows & MAC | Wireless Smartphone Link App

    KENWOOD Video Player | iOS & Android

    Mounting Bracket

    Suction-cup & Adhesive


    Hardwire Kit or Cigar Lighter Adaptor

    Dimensions / Weight

    106 x 50.5 x 40.5 mm / 108 g (Dash cam only)



    Image Sensor

    1/2.8 Colour CMOS Sensor

    Viewing Angle (Diagonal / Horizontal / Vertical)

    D: 161° / H: +/- 129° / V: +/- 66°

    Adjustable Lens Angle | Lens (F-number)

    180° | F2.0 Bright Lens

    Recording Resolution | WDR

    Wide Quad Full HD (2560 x 1440px) 2M Pixels | Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode

    Video Signal Format | Audio Format

    H.264 / MOV | Linear PCM

    Installation Positions

    Normal / Up-side Down

    Dimensions | Weight

    63 x 66 x 36 mm / 334 g (Camera only)



    Input | Output

    12 ~24VDC, 2A | 5VDC, 2A, Mini-USB

    Smart Parking Mode

    Yes, Activated when using Hardwire Kit CA-DR1030 supplied

    Warranty Dashcam & Rear Camera

    1-Year Parts & Labour

    Whats in the Box
    • DRV-A601W HD dash cam
    • 64 GB micro SD card (Memory card)
    • Polarised filter lens
    • Suction-cup mounting bracket
    • Adhesive mounting bracket (2 adhesive pads)
    • Cigar lighter car charger adapter, 4m lead (12~24V DC). Required for power, if not using the supplied CA-DR1030 hardwire kit in this bundle
    • USB cable 110 cm
    • Cable clips x 4
    • Instruction manual
    • Quick set-up guide

    • KCA-R200 Internal Rear View Window Camera
    • Connection cable 8-meters with mini USB
    • Adhesive tape pad (2 adhesive pads)
    • Instruction manual

    • CA-DR1030 Hardwire Kit
    • 3 Different sizes of fuse-holder for simple connection to most fuse boards
    • Click to view or download manual

    NOTE: After installation please ensure you start your engine. Otherwise, your dashcam may remain in
    sleep mode (smart parking), due to battery conditions.

    Installation Information

    We recommend that you contact a Professional Installer for the installation of this kit.

    After installation please ensure you start your engine. Otherwise your dash cam may remain in sleep mode, due to battery condition.

    Optional Extras

    > 3-Year Extended Warranty - Our extended 3-year warranty gives you extra peace of mind. Protect your KENWOOD dash cam & rear view camera for a total of 3-years from the date of purchase.

    Warranty & Customer Support

    Our products come with a manufacturer's 1-year parts & labour warranty from the date of supply.

    We do offer an extended 3-year warranty on the DRV-A601W dash cam & KCA-R200 rear view camera. Please select this option with the dash cam bundle at the time of purchase.

    We recommend contacting our Technical/Customer Relations Team for assistance if you encounter any issues during this period. You can contact them via our Support Portal:

    Our dedicated team is available from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. They strive to respond to inquiries within 24 hours or sooner. Please check your junk/spam folder, as their replies may occasionally end there.

    Thank you for choosing our products, and we're committed to providing excellent support for any concerns you may have.

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    KENWOOD 601 dash camera bundle, kcar200 rear camera, hardwired kit, 64gb sdcard, polarised filter, carry case
    601-ProDriver-Bundle Front & Rear Cameras, Smart Parking Mode, Polarised Lens, 64GB SD-Card, Case
    KENWOOD 601 Pro Driver Bundle Video
    601-ProDriver-Bundle Front & Rear Cameras, Smart Parking Mode, Polarised Lens, 64GB SD-Card, Case
    601-ProDriver-Bundle Front & Rear Cameras, Smart Parking Mode, Polarised Lens, 64GB SD-Card, Case
    601-ProDriver-Bundle Front & Rear Cameras, Smart Parking Mode, Polarised Lens, 64GB SD-Card, Case
    CA-DR1030 hardwire kit for activation of smart parking mode on kenwood dash cams

    Smart parking mode for KENWOOD dash camera

    Smart Parking Mode: Recording Incidents When You're Away

    Help protect your vehicle from hit and run drivers, with the installation of our hardwire kit, which actives the Smart Parking Mode in your dash cam. Once installed, this intelligent mode takes charge when your vehicle is parked and the ignition is turned off. By conserving power intelligently, it shuts down non-essential functions while keeping the vigilant G-Sensor active. Should your parked vehicle encounter a physical impact, our
    advanced dash cam system springs into action, capturing and securely storing the crucial footage. The technology doesn't stop there – if the G-Sensor detects subsequent impacts during the recording, the system extends its capture by an additional 30 seconds, ensuring no crucial detail goes unrecorded. After fulfilling its duty, the dash cam seamlessly returns to its sleep mode within the Smart Parking Mode, ready to safeguard your vehicle whenever you're away.

    DRV-A601W & KCA-R200 dash cam display view

    Front & rear view with the DRV-A601W dash cam & KCA-R200 rearview camera

    Instantly view the front and rear high-quality footage you have captured on the DRV-A601W's 3.0" full-colour LCD screen or by using the smartphone or PC/Mac app.

    The KCA-R200 rear camera has a 180° rotational lens giving you total flexibility and
    provides an optimum view from various rear window angles. This camera even works if you have a tinted rear windscreen.

    Enhancing Visual Excellence: HDR Dash Cam Captures Optimal Recorded Imagery

    Helping to produce the best possible recorded image with HDR

    Most dash cams (DVR) have a fixed lens aperture designed for average ambient lighting conditions. Unfortunately, in the real-world ambient lighting is not always average. Rising and setting sun or emerging from a dark tunnel can result in over or underexposed footage, possibly losing vital information such as number plates. HDR technology is designed to combat this by clever post-image processing to help produce a constantly clear and correctly contrasted recording. This technology also improves night vision recordings during night journeys.

    polarised filter lens for kenwood dash cams

    Polarised Filter Lens

    The polarised filter lens helps to Reduce Dashboard Reflections, Glare and Improve Contrast Performance. We are all used to wearing polarised sunglasses on sunny days. Polarised lenses are designed to reduce sun glare and reflections to help us see better. Dash cams can also use this technology to ensure precise contrasted recording results. Without this critical information, such as number plates could be obscured by windscreen reflections and sun glare etc.

    DRV-A601W dash cam wide view angle

    Giving you the best view

    Designed to provide recordings of the view in front of the vehicle and ensure detail is not lost. We deliberately do not go for Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle as the trade-off is distortion, leading to significant data loss.

    GPS gives the right location, so no worries if you don't know

    The location, date and time of any incident are vital as they can prove exactly when and where it has occurred, removing the need to write down everything shortly after an upsetting event. Your vehicle speed will be recorded and shown on the video playback. GPS satellite information can often be more accurate than the vehicle's speedometer. GPS will automatically adjust the time recorded to the current time zone when travelling abroad.

    3-Axis G-Sensor detects unusual impacts to your vehicle KENWOOD dash cams

    3-Axis G-Sensor: Detects unusual impacts to your vehicle

    The built-in 3-axis G-Sensor with adjustable sensitivity can detect unusual impacts to your vehicle and automatically stores the video footage, time, speed and location. This footage is then moved into a locked folder so it cannot be overwritten. The locked folder can be viewed at a later time via the desktop software or smartphone app. Stored G-Sensor data could be helpful to show how significant any impact was, to combat against fraudulent claims.

    Loop / Manual Recording KENWOOD dash cams

    Loop / Manual Recording

    For longer journeys, all of KENWOOD's dash cams can be set to "loop record". This means that even when the SD-card is full, the camera will continue to record, overwriting the earliest footage. In this mode should an incident occur, or the manual recording button is pressed, this data footage will still be stored and protected from over-writing so it can be played back at a later time.

    KENWOOD dash cameras magnet mount

    Quick Release Magnet Mount

    Experience the convenience of effortless detachment and swift installation with the revolutionary magnetic mount. KENWOOD's DRV-A601W makes it a breeze to remove the camera for safekeeping or seamlessly switch it between different vehicles. Simplify your life and elevate your dash cam usage with this intuitive and practical design.

    KENWOOD dash cam app

    Wireless Smartphone App

    The KENWOOD Dash Cam App from App Store (iOS) for iPhone or Google Play (Android™) for Android smartphone allows you to change the menu settings of your dash cam easily.

    Go into the video settings of the app, and you can change the resolution, video length, exposure, GPS, Speed unit (MPH/KPH), time & date stamp, license plate stamp, and switch parking mode sensor on/off. * (Smart Park Mode requires the CA-DR1030 hardwire kit to be installed). Also, browse through recorded videos and real-time live view from your smartphone.

    *Ensure that your iPhone / Android smartphone is linked via Wi-Fi with your dash cam to change dash cam settings, browse recorded videos, and real-time live view.