4K Ultra HD Recordings

DRV-A601W & Black Edition Dash Cams (dvr) only

More detail, more information

The more detail recorded, the more information available to determine what happened, and who was at fault.

Our Ultra HD 4K dash cams DRV-A601W  & Black Edition Pro records up-to 4 times more data than stand HD versions. The colour range is also sufficiently increased to provide accurate vehicle identification plus improved clarity when zooming in on recorded footage.

High quality recordings, require more SD-Card space

As 4K Ultra HD recordings use more SD-Card space we provide a either a 128GB Class 10 U3 SD-Card, or 64GB SD-Card as part of our different packages.

Micro SD Card Recorded File Capacity - Based on Default Settings
8GB = 18 mins (1 min x 18 recordings)
16GB = 36 mins (1 min x 36 recordings)
32GB = 72 mins (1 min x 72 recordings)
64GB = 144 mins (1 min x 144 recordings)
128GB = 290 mins (1 min x 290 recordings)
256GB = 580 mins (1 min x 580 recordings)

Flagship Model?

The combination of 4K technology, HDR and polarised filter lens makes the DRV-A601W and Black Edition Pro dash cams KENWOOD's flagship models.

About hdr & polarised Filter lens


HDR means (High Dynamic Range), this enhances poor lighting recordings. Helping to produce the best possible recorded image

Polarised Filter Lens 

Anti-Reflection Polarised Filter Lens - helps to reduces dashboard reflections, glare and improve contrast performance

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