Smart parking mode activation

Smart Parking Mode 

Incidents recorded while your not present Details of when it happened, and where Smart Parking Mode is the answer.

4K dash cam

4K Ultra HD 

The more detail recorded, the more information available to determine what happened.

Dash cam with HDR


HDR enhances poor lighting recordings. Helping to Produce the Best Possible Recorded Image

Polarised filter lens for dash cam

Polarised Filter Lens 

Anti-Reflection Polarised Filter Lens - helps to reduces dashboard reflections, glare and improve contrast performance

G-Sensor & GPS location dash cam

GPS & G-Sensor

GPS records the location and the G-Sensor  logs data on how hard the impact was. Giving you all the information you need.

Recording modes

Loop & Manual Recording 

To avoid missing an incident due to a full SD card. Loop recording will continue to record, over-writing non-important earliest footage.

Wide Viewing Angle

Wide Viewing Angle

To be able to capture a wide view of the action. Our dash cams are designed to provide recordings with wide view ensure detail is not lost.

Desktop software & smartphone app

Smartphone App & Desktop Software 

The capability to review recordings on your smartphone Apple/Android or PC/ Mac.