DRV-A301W Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions on the DRV-A301W Full HD dash cam

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No, if using the cigar lighter power cord, then these accessory power sockets are usually only live when the car is turned on; if this is not the case, then you should unplug the cigar lighter power cord when exiting the vehicle.



Unfortunately, the cigar lighter power cord is not available separately



Yes the Time & Date stamp will be turned ON by default; though this can be turned OFF within the menu



Available for PC's & MAC's click below to go to the software download page

> DRV-A301W PC/MAC desktop software



Click below to go to the firmware page

> DRV-A301W firmware update



Click below to go to the download page for the DRV-A301W instruction manual

> DRV-A301W instruction manuals



Yes - Supplied with 16GB card.



No, make sure that you save any video footage on your PC/MAC before you format the SD-card.



Card spec is: 8 – 256GB; speed class = Class 10; micro-SDXC; exFAT/FAT32



Yes, you can use the suction cup mount in one vehicle and the adhesive pad mount in the other.



Unfortunately, the DRV-A301W dash cam does not support a rear view window camera.

But the following dash cams do;

- DRV-A601W Pro Pack
- DRV-A501 Pro Pack


No, you cannot use the DRV-A301W as a rear camera but the following front dash cams have an option to add a separate rear view camera;

- DRV-A601W Pro Pack with optional KCA-R200
- DRV-A501 Pro Pack with optional KCA-R100


Yes the camera does record sound as well – this function can be turned off within the menu, but the default is ON



No, you will need to purchase the optional extra CA-DR1030 hardwire fitting kit which enables a permanent power supply without draining your battery and actives Smart Parking Mode. Click below and find out more on the

- CA-DR1030 hardwire fitting kit


Yes, the DRV-A301W dash cam does support this app.

More info: DRV-A301W



Unfortunately, the screen mounts are not available separately, though an additional set of spare sticky pads are included with the camera