Hardwire Kits for Dash Cam Smart Parking Mode Activation

CA-DR1030 & CA-DR150 hardwire kits giving you permanent power with no messy cables!

The perfect fit

* We recommend that you contact a Professional Installer for the installation of this kit.

NOTE: After installation please ensure you start your engine. Otherwise your dash cam may remain in in sleep mode (smart parking), due to battery condition.

We supply this hardwire kit as part of a bundle or, can be purchased as an optional accessory for the following models:

CA-DR1030 hardwire kit: DRV-A601W, DRV-A501W, DRV-A301W, DRV-A201 & DRV-A100

Incidents recorded while your not present

There is nothing worse than parking your car and going shopping, only to find when you return that someone has damaged your vehicle and left the scene without leaving a message!

When installed, the hardwire kit adds Smart Parking Mode. Then, when your car is parked with the ignition turned off, the Smart Parking Mode becomes active, shutting down everything except the G-Sensor to save power. If your vehicle is then subjected to physical impact, your dash cam stores the footage leading up to, and after the incident takes place. If the G-sensor detects further impacts, during this recording it will extend the recording time by a further 30 seconds until there are no more vibrations. The dash cam will then return to sleep mode (Smart Parking Mode).

No more messy cables with the CA-DR1030

Active Smart Parking Mode and no more messy cables cluttering your dashboard with the hardwire kit.

This kit comes with a 4-meter-long power cable which can be discretely tucked behind the dashboard, into the A pillar and headliner of your vehicle giving you a permanent power supply to your dashcam.

Supplied with 3 different sizes of fuse-holder for simple connection to most fuse boards.

Works with: DRV-A601W, DRV-A501W, DRV-A301W, DRV-A201 & DRV-A100

Want to find out about other features?

About GPS/G-sensor & polarised Filter lens

Dash Cam GPS & G-Sensor

GPS & G-Sensor

GPS records the location.
G-Sensor logs data on how hard the impact was.
Giving you all the information you need.
Cash Cam Polarised filter

Polarised Filter Lens 

Anti-Reflection Polarised Filter Lens - helps to reduces dashboard reflections, glare and improve contrast performance.