High Dynamic Range

HDR - available on the following models:

DRV-A601W | Black Edition Pro | DRV-A501W | DRV-A301W dash cams and bundles.

Helping to produce the best possible recorded image

Most dash cams (dvr) have a fixed lens aperture designed for average ambient lighting conditions. Unfortunately, in the real-world ambient lighting is not always average. Rising and setting sun or, emerging from a dark tunnel can result in over or under exposed footage, possibly losing vital information such as number plates. HDR technology is designed to combat this by clever post image processing, to help produce a constantly clear and correctly contrasted recording. This technology also improves night vision recordings during night journeys.

Without HDR and with HDR, see the difference

Emerging from a dark tunnel can result in over or, under exposed footage. As shown in the image.

The bottom image shows how HDR works under these conditions.

About GPS/G-Sensor & polarised Filter lens

GPS & G-Sensor on dash cam

GPS & G-Sensor

GPS records the location.
G-Sensor logs data on how hard the impact was.
Giving you all the information you need.
Polarised filter lens on dash cam

Polarised Filter Lens 

Anti-Reflection Polarised Filter Lens - helps to reduces dashboard reflections, glare and improve contrast performance.

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