how loop & manual recordings work

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Loop/Manual recording

For longer journeys all of KENWOOD's dash cams can be set to "loop record". This means that even when the SD-card is full the camera will continue to record, over-writing the earliest footage. In this mode should an incident occur, or the manual recording button is pressed, this data footage will still be stored and protected from over-writing so it can be played back at a later time.

SD-Card size matters

Micro SD Card Recorded File Capacity - Based on Default Settings
8GB = 18 mins (1 min x 18 recordings)
16GB = 36 mins (1 min x 36 recordings)
32GB = 72 mins (1 min x 72 recordings)
64GB = 144 mins (1 min x 144 recordings)
128GB = 290 mins (1 min x 290 recordings)
256GB = 580 mins (1 min x 580 recordings)

We have several bundles which included a large upgrade micro SD-card file size, to suit your needs.

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