Your silent witness on the road

If you want to reduce your motoring costs, keep yourself safe and avoid becoming a victim of unfair claims on your car insurance. Dash Cams may not seem to be the most obvious solution, but you’d be surprised by what these smart little devices can do to protect you while behind the wheel and when your car is parked.

5 Good reasons to invest in a dash cam

Supports defensive driving. Provides video evidence. Could reduce your insurance premium, protects your no claims discount and fight fraud. Resolve disputes and record parking incidents.


Smart Parking Mode records while you're not present

There is nothing worse than parking your car and going shopping, only to find that someone has damaged your vehicle when you return. With Smart Parking Mode, if your vehicle is subjected to a physical impact, your dashcam will start recording and store the next 30 seconds after the incident. Explore other dash cam features

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