Quick Release Magnetic Mount

Available on the following models:

DRV-A601W | Black Edition Pro | DRV-A501W | DRV-A301W | DRV-A201 dash cams and bundles.

No more connecting cables with the quick release magnetic mount

Unlike traditional mounts which operate using a latching mechanism. The patent-designed magnetic mount allows you to place and remove the dash cam easily and immediately with no cable to connect or disconnect.

Two types of brackets included with the dash cam suction-cup and adhesive

Included with the dash cam are two types of mounting brackets.

The suction-cup mount makes it easier to attached and reattach from the windscreen. So if you have more than one vehicle you can take your dash cam with you.

The adhesive mount provides a more solid support for the camera. Also, included are two spare adhesive pads.

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