DMX8DRV - Wireless/Wired CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB & Dash Cam Integrated Package

Dash Cam DRV-A601W


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Auto Express Recommended 2020 product DRV-A601W 4K Ultra HD dash cam

Auto Express said: “KENWOOD’s new DRV-A601W unit has some features that we really like from a dash cam. Chief among these is a magnetic mount, which makes it much easier to remove the camera to keep it safe or swap between cars. KENWOOD’s online and smartphone viewing apps are also among the easiest and most intuitive to use.

In terms of footage, the KENWOOD’s daytime video is exceptional when it’s on smoother roads, as you’d expect from a 4K camera, and it copes well with rapidly changing light conditions.”


Included Accessory: 64GB micro SD-card.

Optional Extra's

  • Add a rear camera for dual recording (front & back): KCA-R200 - Wide Quad HD 1440p Recording Rear-View Window Camera.
  • CA-DR1030 Hardwire Kit Installation of this kit gives you a permanent power supply enabling the smart parking mode. Plus no more messy cables!


4K Ultra HD recording - there's nothing better to capture the fine details - like a number plate

The DRV-A601W has a recording resolution 3840 x 2160 - 8.3M pixels, which is 4 times the resolution of Full HD (2.0M: 1920 x 1080). This clearly reproduces more obscure images such as a licence plate detail. By connecting the optional rear camera (KCA-R200) it is possible to record front and rear footage simultaneously.

Optional Extra:
KCA-R200 - Wide Quad HD 1440p Recording Rear-View Window Dash Cam.

4K Resolution Dash Cam DRV-A601W


3.0" Full Colour LCD Screen

The DRV-A601W comes with a screen that perfectly fits its camera, without any loss of resolution. This allows you to use the playback feature to review any footage captured.

dash cam HDR DRV-A601W


Optional Extra CA-DR1030 Hardwire Kit Activates Smart Parking Mode

Installation of this kit gives you a permanent power supply enabling the smart parking mode. Plus no more messy cables!

dash cam parking mode DRV-A501W

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Wireless Smartphone Link App and Desktop Software

Easily change the menu settings of your dash cam dvr, and browse through recorded videos. Edit the videos to share them with your insurance company, and on social media.

dash cam manager app DRV-A601W

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Polarised Filter DRV-A601W car dash cam

Polarised Filter
A polarised filter reduces reflections.

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HDR DRV-A601W car dash cam

High Dynamic Range for a clearer picture.

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G-Sensor & GPS DRV-A601W car dash cam

G-Sensor & GPS
Detects outside force. GPS gives location & speed.

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Magnetic quick release DRV-A601W car dash cam

Magnetic Quick Release
Remove the dash cam with the quick release.

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Optional Extra
KCA-R200 - Wide Quad HD 1440p Recording Rear View Dash Cam

This rear-view dash cam has an adjustable 180° vertical rotational lens and a 161° horizontal viewing angle. This flexibility provides a proper view from various angles of the rear windscreen.

Rear view dash cam KCA-R200




Tech Spec


Resolution - Image quality 4K Ultra HD 2160p
Recording Resolution - Playback quality 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 30 fps
Viewing Angle - Diagonal | Horizontal | Vertical 130° | 129° | 72°
Screen Size 3.0” LCD screen
HDR - (High Dynamic Range) Yes
Smart Parking Mode Yes - with optional accessory CA-DR1030
Polarised Filter - Reduces glare/reflections Yes
Audio Playback: Yes - audio on or off mode
Smartphone App Link & Desktop Software
3-Axis G-Sensor Built-in - Collision or other physical impact Yes
GPS - Allows a record of position and speed Yes
Rear Camera Option Yes - KCA-R200 Wide Quad HD 1440p
Micro SDXC/SDHC Card Capacity 8GB - 256GB, UHS Speed Class (U3)
Micro SD Card Recommended Type UHS Type 3 recommended, for best results use a recognised brand
Micro SD Card Recorded File Capacity - Based on Default Settings 8GB = 18 mins (1 min x 18 recordings)
16GB = 36 mins (1 min x 36 recordings)
32GB = 72 mins (1 min x 72 recordings)
64GB = 144 mins (1 min x 144 recordings) - Included with product
128GB = 290 mins (1 min x 290 recordings)
256GB = 580 mins (1 min x 580 recordings)
Dimensions 106 x 50.5 x 40.5 mm
Dash Cam Weight - Unit only 3.8oz / 108g



What's Included

- DRV-A601W dash cam - 64GB micro SD card
- Polarised filter - Manual
- Suction-cup mounting bracket - Adhesive mounting bracket (2 adhesive pads)
- Cigar lighter car charger adapter (12~24VDC) - Micro USB cable 110 cm
- Cable clips x 4


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