CAX-AD100 High Accuracy Home Digital Breathalyser / Alcohol Tester

KENWOOD Car Accessory

KENWOOD’s premium analyser is quick to respond and has a highly accurate measurement. The sensor is heated to accelerate the reaction, plus heating removes dirt and impurities adhering to the sensor. The CAX-AD100 supports 2-way measurement, straw method, and open blow method. The straw method is less affected by the environment than the open blow method, enabling more accurate measurement. The CAX-AD100 features a compact design that fits in one hand , so you can easily use it at home, or when you are on a business trip. The sensor cover can be closed when you are not using the unit to protect the highly sensitive sensor. The analyser can measure up to as many as 5000 times. When you exceed this amount of measurements, the sensor mark will flash to inform you of end of life status. The CAX-AD100 also features a power-saving design so it can measure up to 1200 times with 2 AA alkaline batteries. Even if the power is left on, the power will turn off automatically after 1 minute.

  • Detection method - Semiconductor gas sensor
  • Display - LCD digital display / LED-2-stage display (Green / Red)
  • Sensor life - 1 year or 5,000 times
  • Power supply - DC 3V, two AA alkaline batteries
  • Battery life - Approximately 1200 times
  • Main materials - Body case: ABS resin
  • Operating temperature - 0 ℃ to 35 ℃ (no condensation)
  • Storage temperature - -10 ℃ to 60 ℃ (no condensation)
  • Accessories - Instruction manual, Attachment, Strap, 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Dimension - 122 x 45 x 21 mm
  • Weight - Approx. 92 grams (incl. batteries)